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Newkirk Wallcovering and Painting

Bargain Bathroom Remodel

Removing existing wallpaper and killing mold and mildew

I had some mold issues to take care of while removing the existing wallpaper. Mold and mildew are nasty little creatures to have in any home. With a little bleach and a wet sponge I killed the mold and moved on to the next phase.



Updating mirror and light kit

This large green square on the wall was once home to a mirror with a light kit above and a small cabinet with mirrored doors underneath. The wholes we found behind were the mirror was show where the original medicine cabinet and soap dish/toothbrush holders were. This client wants an updated version of the light/mirror/and cabinet combo. We located just such a fixture at a nearby Lowes home improvement store.

Repairing loose paint

The ceiling was covered with areas of loose paint. The cause of this is probably due to either high levels of moisture, inadequate ventilation, or just low grade paint over an improperly prepared surface. The fix for this one can be seen on my "Drywall Plaster Patch" video. Check it out!



Cleaning the bathtub

The tub was not used for some time so I had some scrubbing to do. Again a little bleach followed by a little elbow grease...... ***IMPORTANT*** Remember not to mix bleach with any other cleaning agents. Mixing the wrong chemicals together can be harmful or even fatal.

Budget vanity replacement

Rather than searching for, or purchasing a custom made new vanity that had the same shape as this one, the client (being budget minded) decided to add a new front with swinging doors and replace the vanity top with a new laminate surface top and back splashes. Also for more space they wanted to change from a double sink top to just a single sink.



Former cast iron sinks

These old cast iron sinks were great in their day. They really held up for a long time, But it was time for them to go. By the way, the tub basin makes a great place to keep trash (before it makes its way to the curb) during a bath remodel. Just make sure you have something down on the base before you load it up with junk. You don't want to scratch up the surface.


Faucet kit

Not all, but most of the new faucet kits require an extension tube when you hook it up to the drain.


New Sink

The sink was put together first and then hooked up to the supply stops (not shown).


Ceiling - before and after shot

This is a shot of the same ceiling showing the refinished plaster and a couple fresh coats of mildew resistant paint in a satin finish. The before shot is to the left.



New Cabinet Combo

Trying out different light bulbs in the new cabinet combo. This particular model is 48" wide and runs about $200. But, by the time you purchase a light kit, mirror, and/or a cabinet for storage you'll spend at least that much and have to coordinate it all to fit the style you want. All of this takes time as well. I think the client made a good choice with this cabinet.

Budget Vanity

A friend of mine has a wood shop and made a frame for the front of the vanity and two inexpensive doors. Check out the location of the sink, lots of counter space!!!



Relaminated top

This other top was too difficult to remove, so I left the stock in place and just re-laminated it with the same pattern as the vanity.

Caulking bathtub

The bathtub needed a little caulking where the tiles meet the tub and up the inside corners of course making a good watertight seal. Make sure to get rid of any mildew or mold before you re-caulk. If not, it will work its way through the new caulking in no time.



Repainting cabinet fronts and doors

Fresh paint job on the existing cabinet fronts and doors. Also I added black ceramic knobs to the doors to tie into the colors of the wall tiles in the bathtub. Hey, it's starting to look like a bathroom again!


Lavatory sink

A handsome lavatory sink on a laminate faux marble finish with a slight texture to it really looks great in this bathroom. Notice the caulk line between the back splash and the counter top. It goes on white, but eventually will dry clear. This caulking of the joints is a must. It protects the counter top from water seeping into the seams which would cause the wood to swell and ruin the countertop. The clear silicone caulk was also installed around the sink rim where it meets the laminate.

Silicone Caulk

The clear silicone caulk is already starting to dry to clear finish.



GFI Outlet added

While I had things torn apart its always a good idea to update with a GFI outlet in a lavatory. GFI outlets are much safer than regular grounded outlets in areas where you will be using water and electricity at the same time.



Paint color adds space to small bathroom

Just the paint color alone added light to this space. The color used here is a very popular color from the Sherwin Williams Company that I use as a neutral to go with any accent color. It's Called Dover White and it can be purchased premixed in some products or made up into any of their other paints. They even sell latex caulk in Dover white.


Capping off other sink

Changing the plumbing around from a double sink to a single was a snap. I just capped off the right side with this white twist-on cap.


The before and after Photos


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