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How to install ceramic tile

Laying Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile install

I waited for a cold day to begin the project of replacing these old tiles with new ceramic ones. Knowing this project will take a bit more time than some of the other jobs I have posted on this website, I set aside a weekend in which I had no plans at all for anything else. Personally I have seen tile work done before but I have never laid ceramic tile before.

Before I got too far into the project I called a friend of mine, Steve Long, from Longs Flooring. He and I discussed the steps necessary to complete a great tile job and the mechanics behind every step of the way. I'm going to pass that on to you.

Laying Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile install

Outside the shower stall, these tiles were loose enough to pop-up without any effort at all. One of my concerns was whether or not I could lay tiles directly on the cement floor over this old black adhesive. You can go over this type of glue as long as the thin-set or mortar based adhesive used for ceramic tiles has a latex mix in the adhesive. Check with your local dealer to find out which type of ceramic tile adhesive will work for the floor you are covering.

Laying Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile install

There was a ton of prep work that need to be done before I could think about putting in new tiles. As always the prep work is an important part of any job and if done well, will make the job go that much easier. Here I'm popping the hinge pins to remove the door to make more space to work in this small bathroom. Using a pry bar I gently tap (with a hammer) on the top of the pin until it loosens enough to pull out by hand. Note: Keep the door shut while removing pins unless you have a helper to hold the door in place. If you bend or put a lot of pressure on these hinges the may not work properly when you go to rehang the door.

Laying Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile install

As I was removing tiles I ran into a few areas that showed signs of water damage. I wasn't too concerned knowing that the shower stall had been used for over 40 years and this was the the original trim installed by the builders. A little caulk and some fresh paint on the door jamb should solve this issue. I plan on replacing the baseboard and shoe molding after the ceramic tiles are in place.

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