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Children's Room Makeover


Children's Room Makeover

Here's a shot of the south wall in a boys room that is about to get a complete make-over. The first things you need to consider in a small room such as this one is organizing and de-cluttering. Finding a place for all the odds and ends that every child seems to want to display in their rooms is a big challenge. What I did in this case was put all the little items into laundry baskets and let the child sort through them putting only the things they used aside, throwing away some things, while other items were saved for a future garage sale or given to charities.


Children's Room Makeover

Here is a shot of the north wall with a mural of a past interest. The new theme of the room is going to be "The Ocean". We need to remove the space mural and scrub the walls of any and all adhesives. We are going to be painting this wall and installing a new mural with an ocean theme on the opposite wall.


Children's Room Makeover

The beauty of most murals (when it comes to stripping them) is that they are made of real paper and once soaked with water and a little wallpaper remover chemical they should come right off the wall with virtually no scraping involved. Because they aren't vinyl coated the water soaks right through to the painted surface underneath.


Children's Room Makeover

We went ahead and sprayed the entire mural with warm water and a touch of a wallcovering removal chemical through a regular one gallon garden sprayer . . . look at how the mural came off! After letting the water soak in for a few minutes, it was a piece of cake. Don't forget to wipe down the walls after the paper is completely off. Any adhesive left behind will cause the new paint to crackle and look uneven. If you are going to hang a new mural or wallpaper in the area you've stripped you don't need to remove the existing glue unless its on so heavy that the texture of it could possibly show through the new paper.

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