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Newkirk Wallcovering and Painting

Convert your garage into a home office - preparing for painting - paint and trim


Finish coats of paint

Wow!, Putting a little color on the walls sure makes this place jump! Here we have two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere wall paint in a subtle, warm and inviting color. Notice how the little piece of poplar trim at the ceiling stands out just enough to draw your attention to the lines in the space.

Adding inside corner trim

Time to install our inside corner trim pieces. These pieces were also designed to save time and labor costs for the client. Instead of finishing out four corners with drywall tape and multiple coats of 3M lightweight joint compound, we left them completely untouched ( other than wall paint ) and ready for a corner pieces of trim to cover gaps in the corners.



Adding inside corner trim

These corner pieces are not wood but some type of poly based foam with a vinyl pre-finished coating on them. I used a product call Power Grab to glue the pieces into place. You can use Power Grab directly out of a caulking gun or you can purchase the pressurized tubes at the local building supply store.

Installing baseboard and door casings

Before I install the corner pieces I shot all the baseboard and door casings in place using a compressor and nail gun. Using 2 1/4 inch finish nails I nailed into the studs through the baseboard and trim around both doors for a secure fit.



Window mudwork

Just as I thought, the canned lights are reflecting right where all the mudwork was done around the window. Good thing I took my time to make sure it was nice and tapered to a smooth finish!

Trim installed

Looks like all the trim work is installed, ...Hey!, even the switch plates and outlet covers are on! This office is really starting to come together.

Up next - painting the garage floor


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