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Newkirk Wallcovering and Painting

Remodeling a small apartment kitchen

Remodeling a small apartment kitchen

This campus kitchen was a real eye sore. The owner of the house wanted a complete re-do of the space for as little money as possible. ( DON'T WE ALL?) I recommended using luan sheeting for the flooring instead of individual squares shown here in the picture. Also I suggested using decent grade cabinets to withstand the wear and tear of everyday living in a college setting.

kitchen remodel photos

Remodeling a small apartment kitchen

Of course the fun part for us is the demolition of just about anything. Here we had the old metal cabinets which we neglected to take pictures of before we removed them to the street for pick-up. Anyway, we kept some of the plumbing parts that seemed to be in good enough shape to reuse on the new sink.

kitchen remodel photos

Remodeling a small apartment kitchen

We didn't bother taking off the old self-adhesive tiles before installing new luan sheeting on the floor. The other room you see here is going to be an eating/gathering space for now. The owner mentioned he would like to see it as another bedroom someday.

kitchen remodel photos

Remodeling a small apartment kitchen

Here's a shot of the eating place, which was once a second kitchen although it was smaller. Again we didn't get any photos of the metal kitchen cabinets in this space either.

kitchen remodel photos

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