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Newkirk Wallcovering and Painting

Powerwash - before and after

Powerwash of steps - the before photo

What a difference you can achieve by using a simple tool like a power washer to make the exterior appearance of your home or business change dramatically. Concrete or even stucco is a very porous substance which over time collects dirt and grime. This build up over the years or even months will allow mold, mildew, and vegetative growth to discolor any concrete surface. Any exterior surface is subject to unwanted growth such as wood, aluminum, painted metals, vinyl, concrete and asphalts.

This photo (before shot) shows what 15 to 20 years of neglect can do to a concrete sidewalk and steps. Not only is the area unsightly but it does get rather slippery when it gets wet from moisture due to rainfall or dew. It is recommended to clean the walks as soon as you start seeing the discoloration appear, which of course is going to be different for each home or business. Even the same site will have some areas that are more susceptible to discoloration. Trees, shrubs, and or bushes near the walkways of a home really effect how much growth is going to appear and how quickly it returns.



Powerwash of steps - the after photo

Wow! What a major difference in this photo of the same steps and walkway. Now we have a safe, clean surface that ads safety as well as a great appearance to this home. This project using a standard 3000 psi (pounds per square inch) power washer only took about 15 minutes to complete. This concrete was actually in pretty good shape for its age (approx. 30 years old). Remember when your spraying high pressured water on older or weakening concrete use caution in your technique. Watch for cracked areas or open pitted sections and lower the pressure by either slowing the speed in which the water travels through the tip via the throttle or by pulling back the distance between the spray tip and the surface being cleaned. And as always be safe and conscious of your surroundings. Never spray directly onto any glass surface and certainly not towards any electrical outlets, wires, or devices.

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