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Renting and working with a 40 foot lift

Renting a lift for exterior painting

Working at higher altitudes - The thing to remember if you are not used to working at these heights is to just stay focussed on your work and try not to look down.



Renting a lift for exterior painting

Here was my view from the peak of the house. Notice the cable and power lines running underneath me. Because these power lines are extremely dangerous I had to stay aware of the distance I maintained between them and the lift at all times. The red button you see on the control box here in the basket is an automatic shut-off and will kill the power to the entire machine as soon as it is pushed if need be.


Renting a lift for exterior painting

By tweaking the control sticks I was able to get within inches of the brick and also rotate the basket to the perfect position for painting. I think that the cost of the lift was less than one hundred dollars per day. Honestly we made that cost up in no time using the lift instead of moving and shifting ladders all across the sections of the house. As long as you have access to the site and plenty of room to maneuver, its the only way to go!

Renting a lift for exterior painting

We painted the stone work on the house with a masonry primer before putting the green finish color on it. Notice how well the airless sprayer penetrates the brick and seals it off from the natural elements.


Continue working with lift project

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